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The Mental Fitness Company offers training and courses to build strong, healthy minds and fulfilling lives.

Mental Fitness makes our days run more smoothly, with more agile thinking and a better approach to problem solving. It makes us stronger so we are happier partners, individuals and workers.  

Mental Fitness is more than resilience. It’s a web of competencies, including daily wellbeing rituals and personal development that influence how we conduct ourselves as humans on a daily basis, at home and in the workplace.

Being mentally fit means having the ability to cope with change, stress and everyday life events. You will learn how to handle the challenges and opportunities life puts in front of us and be able to recognize and support others needing help.  

Get started with our online courses in the E-Learning Hub, learn a little about me and check out the other services I offer such as workshops, personal development coaching, speaker and business wellbeing plans!

About the founder - Sue Kohn-Taylor

The Mental Fitness Company was passionately founded by Sue Kohn-Taylor, an expert life-navigator, a master of motivation, and a specialist resilience coach. From 1:1 coaching to guiding entire workforces, Sue’s no-nonsense nous and real-life experience is highly sought-after in New Zealand and across the globe. A regular on TV, a column writer and a frequent speaker, she dedicates her time to sharing her vision, because she believes that building a mentally fit mind is the most important gateway to gaining freedom over any life event.

Sue Kohn-Taylor


  • Workshops / Webinars

    Build resilience, mental fitness & wellbeing

    Confidence, competence & leadership skills

    Workshops supported by our personal development - "E-Learning Hub"

    E-Peptalk for ongoing support

  • Personal Development

    Coaching one to one or with teams

    Develop skills, talents, self awareness and self-identity

    Break self-limiting beliefs and behaviours

    Confidence, competence and leadership skills

  • Wellbeing Solutions

    Programme development, training & managment

    Wellbeing resource library

    Build mental fitness, resilience, people skills

    "E-Learning hub" to support personal development